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Lawn Mowing
Deer Tick Control
Lawn Fertilizing
High Quality Lawn Mowing


Oakwood Landscaping is one of the largest lawn care providers operating in Easton, CT. As a result, our fixed expenses are minimized by having reduced travel times in-between job sites. Very often, we are seen mowing 5 or more lawns on the same street, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers!

Tick & Mosquito Control


We are one of the highest rated tick control companies within a 20 mile radius of Easton, CT.

We take pride in our work and in knowing that we are helping to keep you and your family safe from tick born illnesses like Lyme Disease. We offer conventional options as well as organic treatments.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


We are licensed and insured to properly care for your lawn with the best fertilizers and herbicides on the market. Creating and maintaining a healthy lawn involves much more than simply watering and mowing. We create tailored solutions to meet the needs of your lawn. Ask us how we can help give you the nicest lawn in your neighborhood!

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