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Tree Removal
Tree Removal
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding

Choosing the right company to remove trees on your property can be difficult, and choosing the wrong company to work with can result in damaged property or worse. Oakwood Landscaping & Construction offers professional, thorough, and clean removals at competitive rates. We don't leave the job site until you are 100% satisfied.

Tree removal adjacent to house
70ft reach
Pin Oak Removal
Crane lift
Log Truck
Tree Climber
Dualing bucket trucks
Hard to Reach Areas


Removing trees that are looming over your home can be dangerous when performed without the right equipment. With the aid of bucket trucks, we're able to work safely in areas that many other professionals cannot reach.

Jobs Done Right


Homeowners need not worry when hiring us to work over your roof, or even your neighbors' roof. Proper procedures are followed to ensure that there is zero damage done to your home or property by falling limbs, dragging brush, etc. In addition, all work areas are left looking cleaner than they did before the start of the job. All saw dust, wood chips, leaves, and brush from the work area will be cleaned and removed. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness.

Stump Grinding


For an additional cost, we can grind your unsightly stumps roughly 4-6 inches below the surface, in order for you to add beauty to your lawn.


Or if you prefer to replace the stump with a new tree, we can use our equipment to dig and remove the stump entirely.

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