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tick control

Professional Tick & Mosquito Control for Your Property That is Safe & Effective

How It Works:

tick spray with backpack mister
Adult deer tick
Keep your family safe from ticks

Our Technicians


Licensed & insured technicians from Oakwood Landscaping will treat your property in an effort to control existing ticks, as well as ticks that drop from deer and other animals that cross your property. Tick breeding areas around your yard will be treated safely and quickly.



Over 33% of all reported Lyme Disease cases in Connecticut are in Fairfield County. To help protect your family from being part of that statistic, we space out treatments roughly 8 weeks apart during the time of year that ticks are active (from early Spring to late Fall). This typically results in just 4 treatments per year.

Guaranteed Results


We guarantee that multiple treatments will greatly reduce the flea & tick population on your property

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