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Freestanding Garage

Oakwood Landscaping & Construction, LLC is a full-service company that offers comprehensive project planning and management. For over one decade, our team has specialized in residential renovations, including design, construction, and repairs. Located in Easton, Connecticut, we reach out to all areas of Fairfield County.

Connecticut homeowners entrust their business to us because of our promise of excellence. The considerable experience, dedication, and skills of our builders enable us to generate our clients' every need and desire for the appeal of their home. Although every experience is unique in itself, we excel in all phases of the building and remodeling process, which includes communication with prospective customers, listening to and understanding our customer's vision, creating a plan, and preparing your home for remodel.


Free Standing Garage

What distinguishes our company from others is continuous communication with clients, designers, and sub-contractors. Budget and customer approval are constantly reflected and reviewed with the homeowner throughout the remodeling process. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we strive to meet our customers’ expectations. An abundant amount of our business has generated from "word of mouth,” which is something we take pride in. The continual interaction with our previous customers is imperative to our company. Our genuine passion for the trade and intensive attention to detail sets us above industry standards.

Your home is a vital component of your life and Oakwood would enjoy fulfilling the vision and desires that you have for your home.




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