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Oakwood specializes in snow removal for condominium complexes, but we service a wide range of clients who each have specific requirements. From 24hr manufacturing facilities, to daycare centers, and from retail stores to shopping centers, we can accommodate the unique needs of all of our clients. We utilize a full fleet of commercial-grade snowplows, snow blowers, and loaders for snow removal. We have crews available around the clock for service before, during, and after all potential snow & ice events.



At Oakwood, we take safety very seriously, especially when ice is involved. We are one of the few companies that treats all parking lots before AND after snow events exclusively with Magic Salt. For those that are unaware, Magic Salt is comprised of chloride salt that has been chemically treated with magnesium chloride and agricultural enhancers. This chemically treated salt offers numerous benefits over traditional rock salt. In addition to working at lower temperatures, Magic Salt is also safer for concrete, grass, shrubs, and pets.

Sidewalk Services

For every snow storm, we have numerous crews dedicated to clearing snow & ice from all walkways & sidewalks at our properties. All sidewalks are thoroughly cleared using a combination of snow blowers, ATVs, and commercial-grade snow shovels. After clearing the snow, work areas are treated with calcium chloride, to prevent damage to concrete surfaces.

Heavy EquipmenT

In addition to a full fleet of plow trucks, Oakwood has heavy machinery & large dump trucks available. If your property offers limited space for snow or you're simply running out of space, we can relocate all of it off-site, using our equipment.

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